Retaining Walls


The solid block construction of Unilock retaining walls saves cost and improves durability compared to more labor intensive hollow core blocks, and there are a wide range of Unilock wall block sizes, colors and textures to choose from.

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The natural Topography of a site brings unique beauty to custom home builds but can also be limiting. In the past, the utilitarian appearance of large scale retaining walls has discouraged premium residential builders from using them to unlock land in their developments. However, today there are a wide variety of attractive retaining wall options, and local Unilock representatives are available to assist with engineering to meet your site’s custom demands.

Case Study – Custom Home In Ohio

A Unilock SienaStone® retaining wall was used to create this expansive outdoor living space where homeowners can enjoy the waterside views this custom home site affords. The tiered, two-level wall also protects the property from seasonal flooding that could occur from the riverway, ensuring that this outdoor living space remains high and dry.